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Win the BIM war. GPU solvers in Robot

08/12/2017 9:38 PM

This is my idea of a thing. Look at all the countries, in next 5 years most of countries worldwide will focus on implementing BIM in law (IFC format etc).

Do you know which thing I really hate while modelling? Spending time on calculations. It takes so much time to wait, when the model is big. Today I was looking for the answer, why there is so slow calculation in Robot. Here comes my answer: reaf.png


So: Robot has implemented some solvers, which use CPU. My idea is GPU. In last few years gpu companies like Nvidia has been working with many scientists on linear solvers supported by gpgpu / cuda (some nvidia names). Now think: i calculate my model of highrise building with 4.8 GHz i7 7800X in about 2 hours. This is terrific. If one day some say "hey man, there is a software that uses GPU solvers" I imagine that my model would be solved in 25 minutes. I know some stuff now. If there is any person that reads my idea, be sure: this is a way of improvement in model calculations. Give to the people the most powerful structural analisys tool ever. Look, there are ready solvers to be implemented:



You are the big Autodesk. Dont get burried like Nokia or other great companies, who had the chance to rule the industry, but they ignored many improvements, solutions available in around. Have a nice day!


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