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Robot Structural Analysis IdeaStation

Results signs

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08/05/2017 9:18 PM

I recommend putting an option which we can change results signs from.

For example: in our university studies we use +ve sign for tension internal forces but, here in RSA the positive sign indicates that the member is subjected to compression. In the slabs too, we used to use +ve moment sign for the lower moment and -ve for the upper momment.

that conflict makes it difficult for many new users to understand results.

So, i recommend putting new option that we can reverse results signs from.

Muhammed Mamdouh (OPERA)
Structural Engineer, Instructor
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Re: Results signs

01/16/2018 8:25 AM

In all former USSR countries, it is like Russia, Ukraine and rest of them, the civil and the structural engineers use reverse results signs from Robot. It would be nice to have in Robot to change "-(mines) compression" and "+(positive sign) is tension" I Vote up!

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