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Plastic Warpage due to Mounting

06/07/2017 10:10 AM

Hi Everyone!


I would like to ask for your kind assistance again. I am simulating a plastic part that needs to be bolted on a plate. The plastic part is a thin rectangular piece (length/thickness > 10) that has a "bowed" or "smiley" shape in front view. As such, the only initial contact with the plate is a line. It will be bolted on the plate by 2 screws. Kindly see the attached picture diagram for clarity.


The objective is to know the response of the bow upon clamping. This problem investigates whether the plastic will be flat against the plate or not (next level analysis would be to know the proper clamping force). However, as you can see, the bowing is very small: just 0.2 mm clearance on a 5 mm thickness part.


I believe this can't be done via linear static stress because of meshing limitations (?), and proper contact assignment/treatment. How can you setup this problem in MES?


Thank you for your usual support.


Best Regards,


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