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To use MES non linear

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05/24/2017 8:28 AM

Hello sir i want to know how to use the mES non Linear material option in simulation Mechanical

I am sending the file of two blocks please guide me to collide these two parts.

Thank you


Vishal Tulasigeri


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Re: To use MES non linear

05/24/2017 12:33 PM

Hello Vishal,


The problem with your model is that the time step size is too large.

This causes the one block to travel way past the other block in the first time step.

If you reduce the time step size by increasing the capture rate, in this case from the default 20 to 500 it will work fine.

Other points:


Do you really need friction in this analysis?  I turned it off.  Analysis runs faster without friction.


Please see attached archive file.


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