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To know about the simulation of Mechanism

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05/22/2017 10:11 AM

Hii All,

This is Vishal Tulasigeri am a Mechanical fresh Design Engineer in skyKrafts Aerospace, India.

Am actually unable to simulate a Hinge mechanism with pivot pin, Can anyone please guide me.

Thank You




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Re: To know about the simulation of Mechanism

05/22/2017 9:09 PM

Hello Vishal,


Are you doing a linear stress analysis or an MES analysis?
Did you try a pin constraint?

How about creating a Pin Joint?


If you share the archive file of your model we'll be able to better assist you.



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Re: To know about the simulation of Mechanism

05/23/2017 12:58 PM
Hello Thank you for you valuable reply,
I am doing MES non linear
i need to know about the difference between the joint and the pin
constraint and the use of contacts accordingly, like examples for each
contacts ,
please consider a Hinge and recipticle as an example which has a pivot pin
and stoper at the top and bottom of hinge
Thanks again

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Re: To know about the simulation of Mechanism

05/23/2017 2:16 PM

Hello Vishal,


A pin constraint uses constraints applied in a local cylindrical coordinate system.

A pin joint will create an extra part using line elements (set to truss in this case).

For an MES analysis I suggest you use a pin joint and not a pin constraint since a latter may not work properly.

As far as contact, it is not a straight forward answer.  I suggest looking into the available resources such as youtube videos.

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