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Fiber orientation for Warped moldflow model (3D) to structural simulation

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04/03/2018 1:53 PM

Dear all,


Based on my understanding, the fiber orientation from Moldflow is for an unwarped (given CAD) model.



Fiber orientation for warped moldflow model.jpg

 Is it possible to extract fiber orientation for the warped moldflow model?



The objective is to take the fiber orientation of the warped model to perform further structural simulation.


Thanks in advance for the reply.





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Re: Fiber orientation for Warped moldflow model (3D) to structural simulation

04/04/2018 5:37 AM

Dear all,


As I have not heard from other users, I have submitted this idea to consider for the future version of moldflow.

I request the other moldflow users to vote this idea if you think this option may be useful in future.




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Re: Fiber orientation for Warped moldflow model (3D) to structural simulation

04/06/2018 8:10 AM

Of course it is possible. The mesh does not change and for each element the fiber orientation is still there in the warped (deformed) mesh. I don't see any problems here. With what we have in Moldflow you could certainly perform a coupled structural simulation with the deformed mesh.

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Re: Fiber orientation for Warped moldflow model (3D) to structural simulation

04/10/2018 3:15 PM

Hi @pk_vel,

Thanks for posting on this forum!

I agree with that we might have here simply a visualization issue. As I understand, you are overlapping the undeformed plot with the fiber distribution with a deformed warp plot, which of course are not matching perfectly.

I also agree with that if you export the simulation results with the currently available tools, you might be able to run a structural analysis where the fiber orientation distribution is taken into account.

I hope it helps!



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Javier Jubierre

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Re: Fiber orientation for Warped moldflow model (3D) to structural simulation

04/27/2018 3:02 AM

Hi PK_Vel,


The problem you are trying to solve (run a structural analysis on a fiber reinforced plastic part that is warped) has been solved a few a few times over the years. I would suggest you have a look at Helius PFA for this (link), but there are a few other options.


However what you describing is not exactly how one would go about I (exporting fiber orientation and a warped shaped part). Firstly may would probably want the mechanical properties as a result of the fiber orientation (unless you are comfortably doing your own micro mechanical calculation, ...), but the real difference is that rather than exporting a warped shape and using that to load in a structural application, you export the undeformed part with the internal stresses that LEAD to warpage. With the mecahanical properties AND the internal stresses before warpage, you can actually calculate the warpage in the structural application OR, ... If you apply an additional external load, you can calculate the shape of the loaded AND deformed part (in one analysis).


Again, this has already been developed a few times, including in Helius PFA. For some simple analyses, you can even use the stress module in Moldflow.



Hanno van Raalte,

Product Manager for Autodesk Simulation Moldflow products

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