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Remesh in API

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04/02/2018 6:26 PM

Is it possible thru the API to remesh only a set of curves (example would be like: MeshGenerator.RemeshEnllist(Entlist) where Entlist= C1,C2, etc. ) so that only the entities that are in the Enlist are remeshed.?


The reason I ask is that if you change the properties (such as Gate diameters on a tapered gate) thru the API by changing the properties on the curves, the meshed beams do not update unless you do a "RemeshAll". and then it remeshes what's visible, which could create a mess if you are not careful about what is displayed. If I hide everything but the curves I want remeshed, that works, but then you have to turn layers off before and then back on after meshing... rather a pain.


Any thoughts from anyone?


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Re: Remesh in API

04/04/2018 2:51 PM

Hi @toofewfish,


The software works by meshing what is visible, and the API mirrors this behavior as well.  You could possibly use the API to modify the beam element properties directly as well as (or instead of) modifying the curve properties, but this could prove to be an issue with tapered sections (like your tapered gates).


Kind regards,

Justin Bonfili



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