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Mold meshing problem

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03/23/2018 10:23 AM

Hi there,


I have a problem with creating a 3D-mesh on my mold block.

I am creating a mesh and it also finishes the study but there is no applied mesh on my mold and no green hook in the task bar.

Did I miss an important step or does anyone have any experience with this problem?


Thank you in advance!


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Re: Mold meshing problem

03/23/2018 4:24 PM

Hi @michaela.moerl


hope you are creating it for Cool (FEM)


first it will create Mold surface mesh. if any errors are there we need to correct it


after that again right click and hit generate mesh to create 3D mold mesh


refer similar topic in the below link



M P Pradeep Kumar

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