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Can you and should you model water manifolds to get proper flow calculations

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03/14/2018 7:03 PM
Can you, should you, and if you can how would you model water manifolds on the supply side of the cooling circuit? Would you ever model a collection manifold on the output side to better simulate reality? If not, what are the best ways around this. Attached picture is of a 2" hose (4 elements) to a 3/4" hose to a 7/16" water line. The red ones are straight 7/16" waterlines. Cool analysis was set up as flow rate of 1 gal/min to see the resulting Reynolds number. Goal is to be able to make a general rule of thumb for necessary flow rate through a mold with X amount of circuits, without knowing the full geometry inside the mold (old molds, never run through moldflow). Thanks
manifold model.JPG

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Re: Can you and should you model water manifolds to get proper flow calculations

04/10/2018 10:51 AM

Hi @andrewgeneralelectric

Thanks for posting in this forum.

Actually, the simulation on the effects of the pumping water system is one of the new features in Moldflow 2019, which is about to get released. Stay tune for the What's new webinar next May!!




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Javier Jubierre

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