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project Engineer

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03/07/2018 4:17 PM

I am having a problem using the Thermoplastic Overmolding  module.  



* ERROR 304710 ** Some of the part cannot be reached by polymer flow.



1. I  did a dual domain  it as an assembly with precise match selected . Checked for errors.

2. Converted to a 3D mesh.  Check for errors.

3. Did a connectivity check for each region.

4. Ran fill + Pack for  each component separately using the same mesh and gate locations as the 2-shot. 


Any idea why I am getting the error?



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Re: project Engineer

03/07/2018 7:18 PM

Hi Michael,
when you run Thermoplastic Overmolding, 2 component overmolding, the second shot need to be assigned
Properties, tab Overmolding Component: 2nd Shot
Set overmolding injection location : Second component


To check:
1) Process set to Thermoplastic Overmolding


2) First component: Properties, tab Overmolding Component: 1st Shot


3) Second component: Properties, tab Overmolding Component: 2nd Shot


4) Analysis sequence:
Fill+Pack+Overmolding Fill + Overmolding Pack


5) Assign material A : First component


6) Assign material B : Second component


7) Set injection location : First component


8) Set overmolding injection location : Second component


(Avoid Global merge, with "Merge overlapped nodes" which would merge nodes at interface of components.)


Hope this helps.

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Re: project Engineer

03/14/2018 5:39 PM

It did help.  It was not the cause of the issue, but it told me my workflow was correct. so I was able to trouble shoot the issue.   I had some overlapping elements between 1st and 2nd component.  I used precise match during meshing


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Re: project Engineer

03/19/2018 11:59 AM

hi Michael. please try these option before 3D mesh


  1. Band select the injection cone(s) and delete these.
  2. Navigate to Mesh Tools.
  3. Select and run the "Purge Nodes" tool to remove the duplicate node. 
  4. Convert to 3d mesh
  5. Specify the injection location, and re-run the analysis. (assigning first 1st and 2nd shot for each tetra body)


To run Fill+park+warp for 2k injections is not necessary precise mesh between faces, only if you want a run like a insert is mandatory.


also, before convert to 3D mesh please check you mesh statistics to confirm that you don't have any overlap or interference between triangles.



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