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How to export XY-Plots for all frames?

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03/06/2018 12:34 PM


Dear Community,


I want to export a XY-Plot for all frames. It is possible to do this

frame-wise, but rather tedious. Is there a neat way of doing this?



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Re: How to export XY-Plots for all frames?

03/20/2018 12:42 PM

unfortunately there is no neat function to save each XY-plot frame to a picture file automatically from what I know.


Even a workaround could be tedious work.


Sometimes graphs are exported to .txt-format or .pat-format, and used in a receiveing software like
Excel for further work of displaying results.


A way could be to use a macro, and create a script:
For each frame you manually step forward to, a picture file is saved when running the script.

Saving some clicks.
This needs some programming though.


I believe the way you uses is faster at this stage.



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