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Variotherme temperature control system

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03/06/2018 11:53 AM
I am right now simulating a compression-injection-molding. How can I set the following in the process settings: heat the mold wall to the temperature range of the inflowing melt before injectiob and start cooling after filling the mold cavity?

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Re: Variotherme temperature control system

03/06/2018 4:42 PM

Hello @t1234.k1234,

The procedure for defining a temperature profile in your mold is as follows:


1. Right-click on your part and select "Properties":




2. In the menu "Mold surface temperature", select "Profile":



3. Finally, click on "Select", then "Edit" and enter your temperature profile in the last menu:



I hope my answer helps you,

Best regards,


Serge Gugelmann - Technik



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Re: Variotherme temperature control system

03/06/2018 7:36 PM


Variotherm is a trademark and also known as RHCM, Rapid Heating and Cooling Molding

You can learn how to use with Moldflow here:
Rapid mold heating and cooling

Two options:
Volume heating

Surface heating


Not sure how you intend to heat the cavity mold wall, but induction surface heating with Roctool is an option

Or is volume heating is the one you would like to simulate?


Now, will it work for  Injection-compression molding analysis?

Injection-compression molding analysis sequences

Has Cool(FEM) so I think RHCM could work in combination.
I have not tested though.
If you test, let us/community know of your findings.


Hope this helps somewhat.

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Re: Variotherme temperature control system

03/12/2018 8:41 AM
I need to heat the tool surface and after the injection and the compression hub, the tool surface has to cool down.

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Variotherme temperature control system

04/10/2018 11:08 AM

Hi @t1234.k1234,

Thanks for posting on this forum!

Did the comments of @simulation.experts or @bernor_mf help you out with your simulation set-up? If so, please kindly give a feedback :)



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Javier Jubierre

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