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different warpage with same model and parameters

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03/06/2018 7:06 AM

In moldflow 2017.3,I do two Cool+fill+pack+warp analysis, one is original model ,only remesh local area with 0.5mm as another model. The runner,cooling and other parameter are the same.But the warpage is very strange,max. defelction area is not the same area.Do you know why it happen?

thank you very  much!

image 1.pngimage.png

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Re: different warpage with same model and parameters

03/06/2018 9:57 AM

Hello @terry-xing.jin,


The first question I ask myself when I see your post is: how do you compare deformations? Do you use the "best fit" method (default setting) or do you use the "anchor plane" method?

To compare a deformation reliably, always use a similar anchor plane setting. I have already had this kind of results only because the best fit method aligns the part slightly differently.



Best regards,


Serge Gugelmann - Technik



Trausnitzstraße 8

D-81671 München


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Re: different warpage with same model and parameters

03/13/2018 12:38 AM

thank you Serge Gugelmann.

yes, I use best fit to get the deformation.because there is another hot runner in the mold which is  unnecessary. that's the reason for big difference.

thank you

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