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Which OEMs are using what mold simulations softwares?

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01/31/2018 5:00 PM

Hi everyone, first post here. 


My company is looking into acquiring mold simulation software and we're curious to know which OEMs are using which software. The main ones we're looking at are Moldflow Insight, Moldex3D, Simpoe, VisiFLOW and Sigma. I would guess the majority would be using Moldflow but I would like to confirm. Any insight in to any of these other software's that isn't already here on the Autodesk forum would also be appreciated.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Which OEMs are using what mold simulations softwares?

01/31/2018 6:03 PM

Hi @sleerj


as you have pointed most of the OEMs use Moldflow... some use both Moldflow and MoldEx3D... other mentioned softwares are rarely used by OEMs


This is my personal experience and view


Moldflow is the widely accepted and used tool across all industries OEM / Tier-1 / Tier-2

M P Pradeep Kumar

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Re: Which OEMs are using what mold simulations softwares?

01/31/2018 6:53 PM

Hi @sleerj

My experience is similar to @mppkumar

Mine is mainly for EMEA.
OEM's: mainly using Moldflow and/or Moldex3D, some seats of SigmaSoft but very few, I would say,
Tier 1/2: Moldflow and/or Moldex3D, and some CadMould
Tier 2/x: often uses ease of use like Moldflow Adviser or similar.


In my collaborations I mostly meet Moldflow, Moldex3D, and CadMould users

Simpoe, VisiFLOW and Sigma is basically never seen.


Some CadMould users thinks interface is outdated.


Some OEM's advice suppliers to use same system, to communicate studies and result.
As for CAD: If OEM uses Catia, you better have seat of Catia...

On the other hand, free result viewers comes along with the three main players.


Would be interesting to hear from community on this.


Hope this helps.



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