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Defect Visualization

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01/17/2018 3:24 PM

How is it possible to use "Defect Visualization" that is on Results> Export and Publish>Defect Visualization? I recently downloaded Moldflow 2017, which has this "Defect Visualization" option but cannot use it. In Help section it is referring to a certain procedure to create FBX, which I did but later is asking to open "Moldflow Showcase" which I'm not sure where to get it is not possible to download Moldflow Showcase and all the links for downloading are grayed out as it seems to be for educational community only.


Thanks for your help

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Re: Defect Visualization

01/17/2018 6:41 PM

Hi @sean.sanjabi,


Welcome to the Autodesk Moldflow forums!  It looks like you're able to create the .fbx file, but now you're wondering how to view it.  Autodesk Showcase has been discontinued, and now Autodesk VRED is what we use as the viewer.  This change was recent, so the Moldflow 2018 Online Help now shows that these files can be viewed by using VRED.


Please let me know if you have any other questions about this and I would be happy to assist!


Kind regards,

Justin Bonfili



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Re: Defect Visualization

01/17/2018 9:33 PM

Since Autodesk is not continuing any software (just those which add financial benefit - which is usual with all software companies), -

Showcase is no longer with us (see comment from Justin above).


I still have high hopes that Autodesk opens up FBX in total.

It is the same issue as with obj back in time.

Autodesk bought Maya (where the *.obj format was invented) or in case of FBX read here:


.. and then all others try to stick to an open industrie standard, but theses "standards" are not open.

The same goes for *.3ds, *.dxf and others.


If Autodesk decides to open up FBX there will be a great choice of tools that might be able to show your defects

in rendering.

I tried Blender - since it reads FBX - but in case of FBX generated by Moldflow it did not succeed.


The only other way to show defects is when you export your warped part as mesh (with a very dense mesh during simulation!),

read it in in every rendering tool of your choice, bring some light and color inn and that is it.

Who knows: With 3D printing and some other topics (like meshmixer) Autodesk is open somehow, sometimes even open source (Amber!)


Hope it helps


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