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solving time

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01/15/2018 7:23 PM

I have a new machine; windsows10 Pro  with 2018.2  insight.  solver times are extremly high.  is there somehting i can do improve solve times?

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Re: solving time

01/20/2018 3:08 AM

Hi @jeffm13


if the number of elements are high, it will take more time to solve.. try to simplify your mesh if possible


hope you have more than 32GB RAM in your machine



M P Pradeep Kumar

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Re: solving time

01/23/2018 5:06 PM

Comparisons are always better that looking at a single case.  If you have recently upgraded to Windows 10,  I would suggest that you run timing tests using the same version of Moldflow and the same study file on machines with different operating systems.    We recently learned that the speed of the processor may be more helpful than the number of cores depending on what analysis you are running.  This is a chart I use.  Every time I upgrade hardware I re-run the same analysis. Memory, Hard Drive type, and CPU speed are the main factors. 





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