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Bubblers and Cooling

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06/14/2011 8:53 PM

After adding a bubbler to a cooling line in a critical location, I discovered the addition seemed to have no effect on the results returned.  Has anyone found similar results?


As a test I have generated a model of a tall cylinder closed at the top and open at the bottom.  I first run a Fill and Cooling Quality Analysis with a cooling line running around the bottom of the part.  After adding a bubbler that extends directly upwards into the part, I run the analysis again.  Both return the same results.

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Re: Bubblers and Cooling

06/14/2011 10:12 PM



Your problem comes from a misunderstanding of what the solvers are doing.


A Cooling Quality analysis is based solely on part geometry using the concept of "natural cooling".  This concept considers the part to be in a solid metal block without the effects of cooling channels, baffles, or bubblers.  In your example, if you deleted all the cooling channels in your model, and reran the Cooling Quality analysis, you would also achieve the same results because your part geometry is not changing.  In terms of workflow, the Cooling Quality analysis is useful before you have designed a cooling layout because it can highlight which areas are in need of substantial cooling.  These concepts are detailed further under "Cooling quality result derivation" in the help files.


A Cool analysis is what you are looking for, and it takes the cooling channels, bubblers, and baffles into account.  It is important to note here that the Cool and (Fill+Pack) solvers are distinct entities.  If you run a Cool analysis followed by a Fill+Pack analysis, the Cool analysis will pass detailed mold temperature data based on position to the Fill+Pack analysis, affecting the polymer filling behaviour.  If you do not run a Cool analysis before the Fill+Pack analysis, Moldflow takes the mold temperature to be uniform and equal to the value inputted as a parameter.  Consequently, if you run a Fill+Pack analysis without first running a Cool analysis, Moldflow will ignore your cooling channels, bubblers, and baffles.


Hope this helps.


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Re: Bubblers and Cooling

06/15/2011 4:03 PM

The analysis change is just what I needed.  Thank you. 

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