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Analysis for iover molding

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05/05/2011 2:25 PM


I have to perform mold flow  analysis on a second molding for a connector to see the pressure to which the metal fins are exposed, but I don't knot how to prepare the assembly file for it (pro-e), any help in very welcome


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Re: Analysis for iover molding

05/05/2011 6:24 PM



The analysis you are looking for can be done with the Insight product using a core deflection analysis. You would model both the inserts and the plastic part. You would then assign the appropriate material to the insert and indicate where the inserts are fixed/restrained from movement in the mold.

During the filling simulation, you can then incorporate the movement of the insert due to the plastic pressure and determine when the inserts get exposed.


However ... this anlaysis cannot be performed in the Adviser products; it requires Autodesk Moldflow Insight.



Hanno van Raalte,

Product Manager for Autodesk Simulation Moldflow products

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