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OBJ from Assembly won't

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03/09/2018 10:47 AM

I have an assembly file with 2 parts + obj file (highly detailed). When I am trying to import the whole assembly from within Inventor, it skips the OBJ file. I could replace it with a rectangular solid and get over with it, and it would be unsubstantially innacurate but still it would get the job done. Though, I need the results as a means of presentation and the more accurate and grafical it is, the better will be. So, for future, and hopefully current use, I would like to know how can I import such thing.


I want to add that I can wait a day or two instead of 5-10 mins if the result is as accurate and grafical as I want it so simplifications are not really a thing here. If it can't happen, I will, anyway, add a rectangular solid and be over with it.

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Re: OBJ from Assembly won't

03/09/2018 1:31 PM

Hello @Moustakalis,


Please saving the Inventor model as a neutral file format such as ascis (*.sat) and import that into CFD.




Marwan Azzam

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Re: OBJ from Assembly won't Import

03/09/2018 2:24 PM

Still ignores it:


Creating native model...

Model file read.

Assembly model generated.

Design model loaded.

There was 1 additional part generated.

Building display model...

Display model complete.

Performing full diagnostic sweep...

Check model surface diagnostics. Meshing failure may result with default autosize settings.

The small object removal tool may prove useful for this model.

Diagnostic sweep complete.

License check.

License check complete.

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Re: OBJ from Assembly won't Import

03/09/2018 2:29 PM

Following this concept, I tested it and works with surface wrap as OBJ. I must check whether the result will be calculated correctly that way though.

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