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CFD minimal hardware requirements

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02/12/2018 9:37 AM



I can't find the minimal requirements of the CFD software on the internet. There is only a harware recommandation.


Will it run with 4 GB Ram ? 

CPU is A4-3305M.

Lapto HP ProBook 4535s


I know its not the fastes, bus i have to work with it for 1,or 2 weeks until the PC is deliverd. No big simulation, just getting to know the software .



Thank you

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Re: CFD minimal hardware requirements

02/12/2018 9:42 AM

Might I ask how you searched? I ask as I would like to be sure other people are able to find our articles :)


I used Google and this was top of the list.


You might be able to run CFD on that machine but only just I would think. 

Are you running very simple models, what are you planning to attempt to solve?




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Re: CFD minimal hardware requirements

02/12/2018 11:12 AM



thank you for the fast answer.


I also found that page. But i search for the minimal system requirements. Like for the PC games.

And on the official Autodesk system requirements page, there is just die "recommended hardware requierment". But i was searching for the minimal.


I woudl like to see the quantitiy of a gas that is blown throu a thin pipe.  This sould be not a big model.



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Re: CFD minimal hardware requirements

02/12/2018 11:51 AM

Ah OK, good point.

That is something we could raise with the development team, not sure what the minimum is.


My guess is that Windows uses most of that RAM, which would not leave a lot for CFD.


Would it be possible to do this in 2D, axisymmetric maybe?


Do you even need CFD or might a hand calc suffice? :)

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Re: CFD minimal hardware requirements

02/12/2018 12:24 PM

a calcul also is for the first time suffice, 


the pipes have different diameter along the lenghts because of the manufacturing tolerance. 



if i do a calcul i sould do it with the smallest diameter. and i dont know how turbulent oder not the fludi ist.


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Re: CFD minimal hardware requirements

02/12/2018 12:31 PM

Good question. It is likely that the worst case (assuming a high pressure drop is bad) would be the thinnest section of pipe, yes.

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