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Cooling fluid in container in the air stream

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02/05/2018 8:12 PM



I'm looking for the way to model cooling of the containers filled with liquid in the air stream.

Main question is how long it will take to cool or heat liquids inside containers with air flowing around them.

There is no problem to model flows, air temperature etc.

Containers were modeled as a fluid in closed metal containers with initial temperature 50C.

Air incoming to room is 15C.

During simulation temperature of air around container increases but temperature of liquid stays at 50C.

Could you help me to find the proper way to model liquid in container.


Thanks for your help.



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Re: Cooling fluid in container in the air stream

02/06/2018 8:45 AM

Could you share a support file? This is a CFZ and can be saved from the main menu if needed.

My guess is that you either have no air temperature at the air inlet or you have not set an initial temp condition to every volume in the model.

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