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CFD woun't open any of my files

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01/12/2018 12:46 PM

I'm having issues opening any parts i've created or even the tutorial parts included in autodesk CFD 2018 (inventor 2018 pro).

Getting this problem at all attempts;
load geometry failure.PNGAny suggestions would be kindly appreciated.

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Re: CFD woun't open any of my files

01/12/2018 3:21 PM

Hi @S316744,


Thanks for reaching out to us on the forums! So are you saying that CFD will not allow any of the tutorial CAD models to be launched? This is bizarre. Try running CFD as an administrator. Also? Do you have antivirus on the software? It could be an AV issue. I suggest adding CFD.exe (located in program files...) to the AV exceptions. Simply shutting off the AV is not good enough- you need to add the program as an .exe exception.




Matt Bemis

Technical Support Specialist

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Re: CFD woun't open any of my files

01/13/2018 8:14 AM
Thank you for replying! Unfortunatly im using the school’s PC and cannot check before Monday. We actually managed to load a cfz?? File on Friday, it turned out as a box, but it was supposed to be a container with apples(downloaded from this forum). Anyway i will keep you updated if any improvements🐐🐉

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Re: CFD woun't open any of my files

01/15/2018 10:42 AM

Hide the box and i'm sure you'll see the apples!!


All the best,


David Short
Technical Support Specialist, Simulation

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Re: CFD woun't open any of my files

01/16/2018 12:07 PM

Thanks for the help. Sadly i've been ill and at home. But installed cfd 2018 at home computer was no issue at all opening the files.

but for the sake of troubleshooting i will try fix the school pc's problems when i can. and post if it works..

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Re: CFD woun't open any of my files

01/18/2018 10:39 AM

The administrator thingy was the problem, unfortunatly we arent allowed administrator rights.

Thx for help!

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