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Maximum Flow Rate

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01/11/2018 7:25 PM


I'm currently designing a model who will allow me to know the maximun flow rate (CFM). This fan operate in a open space which means he has no physical restriction at the outlet and the intlet.  For the purpose of the simulation a build a air column who recreate approximately the air who's pouring in the rotating region. Also, I design the outlet in a way that i will able to use the bulk calculator on every surface and  be close as much as i can of the rotating region. I put a zero pressure on every surface of my outlet surface as well as the bottom surface of my intlet to allow air to come in.
Few questions remain : 

1.  when i set p=0 to the bottom of the intlet, it allow air to come freely from the outside ?
     If i dont add this BC , is there any vaccum who will be generated from the intlet volume ? 

2.  Can I put P=0 at the intlet and the outlet in the same time ? 

3.  I use piecewise linear to set my pressure at the outlet: 100s at 0Pa and another 100s at 25Pa. Since my time step is 0.001389s can i use more small             time scale to maintain my pressure at the outlet ? 
     Do you think 10secondes will be suffisant ?



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Re: Maximum Flow Rate

01/12/2018 5:36 PM

I answered my question 
Thx :) 

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