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Can I measure relative humidity and temperature in Autodesk CFD 2017?

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01/10/2018 7:19 AM

Hii to all,

We having a climet chamber model in which air is  being cooled through the first section to the point where water should leave the air in the chiller section. It is then re-heated before it reaches the outlet and added moisture in it.So can I simulate this model to get data of relative humidity and temperature at inlet and outlet section in Autodesk CFD 2016 and comapre this data to the actual model?I have attached line diagram for better understanding.
Thanks and regrads,



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Re: Can I measure relative humidity and temperature in Autodesk CFD 2017?

01/11/2018 3:48 PM

Hi @parth9586,


Thanks for reaching out to us on the forums! I am not sure we can model the level of detail you want. We have a humidity module, but it is primarily used for identifying areas of potential condensation or air drying. 


You mention that air would be cooled to the point of condensation. I don't think we can do this. We could add humidity to a volume via an inlet flow BC coupled with a humidity BC- I've done this and have personal experience with it. 


Have you tried doing some simple testing on your own machine? For example, a while back I wanted to get more comfortable with the humidity module. I ended up just modeling humid air drying out over a hot block of metal. Here's a screenshot of the results. 



I hope this helps a little.



Matt Bemis

Technical Support Specialist

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