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Influence of air flow to glass globe

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01/08/2018 10:19 AM

Hello guys.

Is possible to solve in CFD this case ??

I have glass globe with 1m long rope. 1,5m from glass globe is Climatization with constant air flow. I need to know, if this air flow will have influence to glass globe. If this globe will swing.


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Re: Influence of air flow to glass globe

01/08/2018 2:11 PM

Hello Karel,


CFD can calculate the drag force generated by the flow.  Though you can probably estimate it without a CFD software.

As for the effect of the force on the sphere, CFD will not do that.  You either got to do hand calculations or use structural FEA package.  Keep in mind that the way the sphere will react will depend on the properties of the rope and the friction at the attachment point.




Marwan Azzam

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Re: Influence of air flow to glass globe

01/19/2018 5:56 AM

I try it and it was successful.

Thank you Marwan.

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