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Superviser just called !! Please help !!

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08/21/2013 1:28 AM

Here is a problem of a 2D vane aerofoil with some holes or cooling channels (of different radius) in it . Hot gas is flowing around this aerofoil with Temp T0=796K and initial pressure P0=3.2 bar Reynolds Number, RE=1.9*10^6.

leading edge Mach No=0.17 and Trailing edge Mach No=0.88.


The holes/cooling channels  have some initial Temperatures ranging from 387 K to 420k

.The higher temp of ho gas and the less temp in holes combine  and  create a moderate temperature in the aerofoil surface and the aerofoil will be eligible to withstand high temp. 

let the Vane material is stainess steel.


How can I formulate this problem in Autodesk Simulation CFD?

What will be the initial and Boundary conditions?


cfd file and the related paper (adopted FLUENT) is attached.

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Re: Superviser just called !! Please help !!

09/03/2013 3:52 PM



I would have thought we could run this.


Firstly bear in mind that we should have a far longer inlet and outlet as this is going to be compressible. 


We should have an inlet temperature and also some sort of heat source within the model

Air must be set to variable for a compressible model and ADV5 (Advection Scheme) would be far more suitable than ADV1.


What you do know about the inet, can you assign Total Pressure and Total Temperature at all? Typically we would run with an Unknown BC on the outlet with a compressible model.

Finally bear in mind that you are running 2D and that CFD assumes one unit thickness. As you are in metres here, this model is 1m deep (just incase you assign a mass flow rate).


Kind regards,


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