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Reliability of flags

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08/08/2013 10:10 AM

I love the flag feature as it gives the flexibility I desire, though I wish these flags were given on the main controls. Simplicity  and flexibility are not antonyms! But I often am perplexed by how they exactly are applied. Attached is the snap of a case where I set the mesh multicore to 16 and yet, it meshed with 4 cores, which was the earlier value I set (and I don't remember what procedure I used then to make it work). Is there a squence in which I should apply these flags, like keping global flags default and only changing the scenario flags etc, to make sure they are applied? 





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Re: Reliability of flags

08/08/2013 9:37 PM

Hi OJ,


The scenario based flags should take effect whenever you click on solve.  I really haven't seen any issue with this workflow yet and use it all the time, so keep an eye on it and let use know!


The default or 'Global', as I like to call them as well, only affects the UI when you close and reopen the UI.  These would be applied to new design studies and would show up in the scenario level.


For instance, if you define 16 cores for your default flag and create a new design study it would automatically populate the 16 core flag into that scenario.


Technical Support Manager

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