SJM 6.1 Update Is Now Available

by Hanno van Raalte10 October 2016

I'm pleased to release an update to the Simulation job manager (version 6.1). 

·  Overall stability and reliability improvement

·  Supporting proxy network configuration

·  Error/warning/information logging improvement (to better help diagnose issues)

·  Allow start/pause batch queues from “Server Management” dialog

·  View remote server analysis load

To download the new job manager, please follow the link to Autodesk Knowledge Center:Link to SJM 6.1

Here is the workflow when installing SJM 6.1.

·  If SJM 6.0 was installed already, and update to SJM 6.1 using the installer provided here (most people), user needs to uninstall version SJM ( distributed with Moldflow 2017 FCS, SimMech 2017 SP1) or SJM ( distributed with SimMech 2017 FCS and CFD 2017 FCS) from “Control Panel -> Programs and Features” first, then double clicks SJM 6.1 installer to install it.

·  If SJM 6.0 was installed already,  installing Moldflow Synergy 2017 R2, or Moldflow Insight 2017 R2, or Moldflow Adviser 2017 R2, this dialog will pop up, choose “Yes” would uninstall SJM 6.0 and install 6.1.