Moldflow Communicator streamlines collaboration between designers, engineers and molders

by Anton Fedoseyev29 November 2017

Efficiently working to produce high quality parts at low costs and in short cycles requires effectively communicating between all the groups involved. This includes designers that may lack knowledge on end use function requirements or manufacturability or engineers without an eye for aesthetics. In all these cases, being able to not only communicate those requirements but justify decisions via data driven discussions is essential to minimize downstream costs seen that can range from material waste in process optimization or stabilization all the way through complete retooling.

Autodesk Solution

Moldflow simulation is a valuable tool to allow all phases of this process to be simulated up front, ensuring efficient designs, optimized processes and functional capabilities that mean design requirements and end use tolerancing and specifications. But these simulation tools can be expensive and require expertise in use as well as interpretation, making their access at all levels of a product life cycle both uncommon and underutilized. This leads to difficulty justifying design modifications, costly production ramp up processes, and at worst tool reworking that can both delay production and costs thousands of dollars.


Moldflow Communicator is a free viewer that allows Moldflow simulation results from any phase of your product cycle to be shared quickly and easily with others. This will allow the engineering group to share design feedback to the designers with results they can visualize and understand, or the processing group to relay information on an optimized process, and all without any costs or concerns on interoperability of products.

This allows multiple designs to be compared, processing information and results to be shared, and problems on all front to be addressed in a light-weight, easy and free to access program. In all collaboration becomes easier, allowing more time for new designs, new processes, and faster time to market. To learn more you can review information available on Autodesk Knowledge Network.