Inventor Professional or Nastran In-CAD? Why not both??

by Luke Mihelcic16 August 2017

If you have not already heard, the Product Design Collection is now the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection. The big news is the addition of Nastran In-CAD for embedded finite element analysis and Autodesk HSM for integrated CAM. You can get all the details here: In the Fold

Here is a high-level breakdown of the analysis options:

Autodesk Inventor Professional 

·  Static stress

·  Modal

·  Frame analysis (both static and modal)

·  Dynamic simulation of mechanisms

Autodesk Nastran In-CAD

·  Linear and non-linear static

·  Dynamic response

·  Steady state and transient heat transfer

·  Impact (drop test)

·  Buckling

·  Thermal stress

·  Response spectrum

·  CFD integration thermal and pressure profile

Regardless of whether you use Inventor Professional or Nastran In-CAD, the new Product Design & Manufacturing Collection gives you access to all the simulation capabilities to help you make anything.