Fusion 360 Simulation Symmetry - How To Mesh & Run Symmetric Designs

by Tyler Beck 6 November 2017

Fusion 360 Simulation allows you to work with symmetry.  This is one of the most powerful ways to reduce the problem size in FEA,  it can be helpful when working with larger designs or models with lots of features.  Imagine running a mesh on a model with hundreds of faces, fillets and curves. This can take longer to run the mesh. So, if you need to run lots of scenarios or an event based simulation it is beneficial to save time on the mesh with symmetry.  Symmetry is said to exist when the geometry, constraints and loads happen about a line of symmetry.

The steps.

1.Use simplify workspace to trim down to half, quarter, or segment of your choosing. 

2. Use frictionless constraints to support the model.

3.Add loading but divide it by segment count.  Example, if you cut the model in half, cut the load in half.

4. Run the mesh and solver.