What’s New in Autodesk CFD 2017

by James Herzing 4 May 2016


With improvements ranging from the interface to faster solve times, Autodesk CFD 2017 is a great update to an already amazing software package. Check out some of the additional changes coming your way, many of which were driven by you on the IdeaStation.

There have been many improvements to Autodesk CFD in the 2017 release across all areas of the product. Thanks to your feedback on the CFD IdeaStation, we have implemented a number of seemingly small changes to help your user experience.  A corner placed coordinate triad and scale ruler have been added to the interface while design cloning controls are now just a click away. Results evaluation has also been improved by giving you the option to hide all results in an analysis through the model tree.

In the rest of this post, we’ll be focused on 3 major improvements:

  1. Surface Wrapping
  2. Particle Tracing
  3. Custom Result Quantities

For information about the rest of the changes in Autodesk CFD 2017, check out the video at the end of this post or jump to our Simulation YouTube channel.

Surface Wrapping

A major improvement to the geometry and meshing in the software is a complete integration of surface wrapping.  The surface wrapping process is now done entirely in the CFD interface. Once wrapped, the geometry is treated as traditional CAD geometry, allowing you to modify the mesh with advanced refinement or automatic meshing capabilities. For a full breakdown on these capabilities, take a look at this short video

Surface Wrapping.jpg Improved Particle Tracing

Although particle tracing has existed in Autodesk CFD for a long time, it has gotten a big face lift to help ensure that you can more easily place seed points accurately and investigate the results you are looking for. Improvements here include the ability to easily define seed density, manipulate the style of flow line or sphere quickly, change the color of the lines and define your seed points to be created in a number of patterns. The improvements made to the back end of the software have even further improved particle tracing, allowing for more flow lines and better manipulation with larger data sets. Check it out!

Particle Tracing.jpg

Custom Result Quantities

Another big improvement to the results environment is custom result quantities.  For results that you could be interested that are not typically available in CFD such as wind chill or thermal comfort, you can now enter custom equations to calculate these values and then have them graphically displayed like you would velocity or pressure. For the equations that you use regularly, you can save them to be used automatically for all of your analyses. See them in action here.

                                                           Custom Result Quantities.jpg 

To see the rest of the improvements to Autodesk CFD 2017 take a look at the video below. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly at james.herzing@autodesk.com, on Facebook or Twitter.

James Author Image.jpg